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......a copyrighted muscle character of Alicia Weber
Aussie Amanda was recruited from the Australian Outback to show off her
strength moves!  For many years she wrestled the Tasmanian Devil, had
boxing matches with Kangaroos, raced the Dingo, and climbed trees with the
Koala Bear!  She has a wild personality and will show you that she is a beast
upstairs and the real deal downstairs too!  With many encore presentations,
she will demonstrate rare strength feats that will hopefully leave you
Aussie Amanda's Bootcamp Workout
(with video posing session)
Amanda is thrown in a workout with Marines as she races
them up a mountain then executes challenging exercises
all while wearing a 30lbs back pack!  Next, she performs
over 5 mins of video posing and flexing where she shows
her muscles, while holding isometrics highlighting her
strength and flexibility!
10 min 52 sec Bootcamp & Posing Video
Amanda's Aerial Exercise
Show from a Pull Up Bar
Aussie Amanda's Amazing
One Arm Chinning Show
Aussie Amanda's
Airborne Pullup Show
Beginning with a FRONT LEVER then going into a
continuous aerial routine from a pull up bar for
3-minutes ending with a ONE ARM CHIN-UP hold.  
Then, when you think the show is over she repeats
the routine, while wearing 10lbs ankle weights!  
CLOSE UP BICEP FLEXING is at the end and lasts 1
min.  *In real life, Aussie Amanda performed this
show after "The Airborne Pull Up Show"
Aussie Amanda does one arm chinning for
over 7 minutes.  She gets creative and
intense with a normal one arm chin up to one
arm negatives, speedy half-chins, one arm
holds and flexing. Then she adds 10lbs
extra!  Finally, when you think Amanda would
be tired, she pulls off another surprise
strength move! Lots of BICEP FLEXING too!
In a  video that has to be seen to be believed,
Aussie Amanda does some of the most difficult
and intense pullups ever performed anywhere.  
At one point she even does some incredible ONE
ARM pullups while FLEXING HER BICEP at the
7 min 37 sec Pullup Video 4
7 min 15 sec Pullup Video 3
7 min 20 sec Pullup Video 2
Amanda's Video Package 3 (Amazing Pullup Package!)
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Amanda's Armwrestling  Video 2
Amanda's Armwrestling  Video 1
A 100% real behind the scenes look at what happened
before the first arm wrestling video was recorded.  
This was done to determine Amanda's actual strength.
When used to wrestling Kangaroos in the Outback, a
rude American man proves to be no competition in arm
wrestling to one of the wildest strongest women alive!
7 minute Armwrestling Video 1
5 min 30 sec Armwrestling Video 2
Amanda's Very Intense Flex and
Bicep Attack Video 1
Amanda's Abs Video 1
Apple Crushing, Weighted Dips, Pullups, Boxing workout,
Negative Bicep curls and lots of very intense Bicep Flexing
highlight this video as Amanda proves that she is a woman in
a strength and endurance class by herself. It is unbeieveable
what this woman can do!!
Aussie Amanda's ABSolutely Fabulous Abs Workout and
Punching exhibition will leave you speechless.  Video will be
delivered in 2 links totaling 8 minutes.
8 minute Abs Video 1
6 min 30 sec Bicep and Flex Video 1
Aussie Amanda Strength & Balance
Circus Act 1
Lots of flexing and for the first time Aussie Amanda shows off her back
muscles (close ups)!  She will demonstrate incredible strength and
endurance in isometric holds and slow repetitive exercises from a chinup
bar and on medicine balls.  Finally, she will show off her own innovative
exercise - 2 med ball tricep pushup pilates!! A "MUST-SEE" Amazing Act!
7 min 15 sec Strength & Balance Circus Video 1
Aussie Amanda's Extreme
Pullup Video 1
Aussie Amanda's Extreme
Pushup Video 1
Using a Pullup bar and Rings, Amanda shows why she is in a
strength class by herself as she does the most extreme pullups
you'll ever see by a woman. A truly amazing video!
This is definitely the most amazing pushup video ever made as besides
doing over a hundred perfect form pushups, Amanda does some of the most
intense balance type  pushups imaginable. Has to be seen to be believed!!
7 min 10 sec Pullup Video 1
8 minute Pushup Video 1
Aussie Amanda's Weighted Ab Endurance
and Weighted Pullup and Exercise Series 1
Watch these real workouts done by Aussie Amanda where there are
NO rest breaks!  She will build up to lifting more than 100lbs in her Ab
Endurance routine.  She will build up to lifting nearly half her body
weight with weights held by her feet as she does weighted pullups
and dips.  She will do an assortment of interesting weighted exercises
all continous and once you think you have seen everything you get a
surprise at the end!  Both videos dedicate at least 1-minute to close up
bicep flexing (In real life Aussie Amanda completed her Weighted
Pullup and Exercise Workout followed by her Ab Endurance Workout).
8 min 25 sec Weighted Pullup Video
7 min 36 sec Abs Endurance Video
Aussie Amanda's Abs Endurance, Bicep Measure, Leg Press & Lift/Carry Video
This is actually 4 amazing and unique videos sold in one package.  The first is an Abs endurance test where Amanda lies on her back
keeps her legs raised and held for over 6 minutes while adding weight!  The second is a Bicep Measuring video where she measures
unflexed and then pumps up her biceps to eyepopping proportions before she measures again.  The third is a Leg Press video where
Amanda demonstrates the power of her legs as she presses a 180 pound man with them.  And the fourth is a Lift and Carry video where
Amanda cradles and piggybacks a man with tremendous ease!
(Abs video - 6:15, Bicep Measure - 4:00, Leg Press - 2:35, Lift/Carry - 6:25)
Aussie Amanda's Abs Endurance, Bicep Measure, Leg Press & Lift/Carry Video
(4 videos - over 19 minutes)
Aussie Amanda Ab Exercise Challenge
Amanda shows it ALL- 6-pack abs, legs, and arms in a rare
routine only found in the Outback!  First, she does 5 minutes
of tough continuous ab exercises.  THEN, she shows
extreme strength moves on Rings with Iron Crosses, Ring L
Pullups, Ring L position Dips, and MORE!!
12 min 50 sec Abs Exercise Challenge Video
Amanda's Video Package 2
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Amanda's Video Package 1
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12 min 26 sec Abs Extreme Strength Feats Video
Aussie Amanda Extreme Strength Feats Show
For the first time, Amanda talks about her strength and tells how tough she really is...This video is INTENSE
and UNIQUE!  Amanda begins with a nearly 2 minute flexed hang ON RINGS and recites a poem the whole
time!  Then, she demonstrates 7 Extreme Strength Feats with plenty of bicep flexing in between feats!
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Amanda's Video Package 1 (now with even more incredible videos!)
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Amanda's Video Package 2
Get all 8 videos below
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Aussie Amanda Woman Power in Hi Res
Aussie Amanda exudes her powerful, sexy presence in an outdoor
total body flexing session in high definition followed by a
demonstration of slow low rep exercises including front lever,
upside down pull-ups, and hanging L lifts.  Her power is not only in
her body, but it comes out of her mouth as she talks strength!  Be
prepared for her stimulating strength talk!!
12 minute video
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“Aussie Amanda Bicep Flexing in Kauai” (Hi Res) takes place on the shoreline of
the Wailua Beach where just hours ago, Aussie Amanda was shipwrecked and
swam 33 miles to this shore. She talks tough about all the strength she has left
over from her enormous swim. She describes her fight with dangerous marine
animals on her way to shore. There are eight minutes of amazing bicep flexing
coupled with close ups of her demonstrating 25 slow reps of “treemendous”
tree exercises. Stay alert as a surprising new muscle character appears in the
show as she blows out of the Spouting Horn! A MUST SEE Hi Res video for all the
Pull-Up and Bicep Flexing Fans!!  Video Flexing: 8:30 Flexing Photo Gallery: 53
seconds Total video: 9:23
Aussie Amanda Bicep Flexing in Kauai (Hi Res)
Amanda's Very Intense Flex and
Bicep Attack Video 1
Amanda's Very Intense Flex and
Bicep Attack Video 1
Video Flexing: 8:30 Flexing Photo Gallery: 53
seconds Total video: 9:23 (mp4 format)
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16 minute video (mp4 format)
19 minute Bonus video!  (mp4 format)
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Aussie Amanda's Exotic Outback Encounter
Perfect for Lovers of Exotic Animals and Muscle Women
NEVER Before Seen or Experienced - Muscle Goddesses Aussie Amanda and World Record Weber go out onto the
Australian Outback and privately meet many exotic animals, but they pick out only 3 Exotic Animals to do physical tests
and challenges with in unparalleled fashion. Some challenges include an attempt to playfully spar and armwrestle with
a kangaroo, lift and carry a kangaroo, pushups with a lemur on top of Aussie Amanda's back, and more.  Watch the
CLOSE interactions the Muscle Goddesses make with these exotic animals and their incredible CLOSE UP shots of
bicep flexing and posing with them. (Of course, no animals were harmed in the making of this playful video)
---Added Bonus---
NEXT, Watch Aussie Amanda in her new pull-up exercise. Then, see her rare CLOSE UP flexing in the mirror as she
tells a true story of being attacked by Outback Animals and shows her battle scars!! She has DOMINATING, powerful,
TOUGH TALK for 19 minutes in her new bikini. Admire Amanda’s lean, sculpted muscles and become enraptured with
her dangerous nature story!!
---Added Bonus---
Start with a day in the life of Aussie Amanda - an action-packed 9 minute adventurous production featuring flexing
and posing with moving camera, her CLOSE UP unique animal encounters, a visit to her Outback Ranch, and NEW
extreme feats of strength (impossible L dips, explosive muscle up, front lever on rings, iron crosses, and tough
archer pull-up isometrics). Continue with videos 1 and 2 with more CLOSE UP animal encounters…watch her have
boxing match with a kangaroo, do push-ups with a lemur on her back, lift and carry a kangaroo etc. Then, finish with
a 19 minute video with Aussie Amanda talking to fans about her strength, answering fan requests in her new bikini,
and telling stories about Outback encounters with some of the world’s most dangerous and venomous animals as
she shows her “battle wounds”….  (Of course, no animals were harmed in the making of this playful video).
**Become enraptured and mesmerized as strength and beauty intertwines with nature and wild animals!
Video 1 Name: Outback Muscle
Details: High Definition MOV file 9
Video 3 Name: Aussie Amanda
Outback Strength Talk
Details: High Definition mp4 video
for 19 min and 33 seconds
Video 2 Name:  Exotic Outback
Details: High Definition mp4 video
for 16 minutes and 6 seconds.
Title: Aussie Amanda - Outback Muscle Woman Series
Great Value - 3 Videos for the Price of ONE!! Over 44 minutes of Up
Close and Personal Flexing and Strength of Aussie Amanda!!
Aussie Amanda's Outback Muscle Woman Series
6 minute video - part 1 (mov format)
7 minute video - part 2  (mov format)
9 min 36 sec Bonus video (mov format)
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Aussie Amanda Vs Tommy Boy in Fitness Challenge
includes Bonus Video!
also now includes
“Redhead Hunts Aussie Amanda for Armwrestle
Fans requests have become a reality…NEVER BEFORE SEEN…Tommy Boy the Weight Lifter ( a much younger
athletic male weight lifter) takes on the one and only Aussie Amanda from the Outback! Tommy Boy has been
the only young guy brave enough to compete against her! He tries to belittle her with confident talk. Aussie
Amanda comes back with her own dominating talk. Watch them tough it out in an ALL OUT max rep pull-up and
decline push-up competition! Then, watch her amazing bicep flexing with a moving camera zooming in on all
angles of her enormous, beautiful biceps! Finally, watch their tug of war match and see what is left in the tank!!

This FREE added bonus video is described as “out of this world” by fans!
There are close up shots of glistening sweaty muscles in 104 degrees
with a moving camera!! Amanda does her first slow motion dip bar
performance followed by hanging ab exercises to warmup for her wild
Armwrestle against Tommy Boy the weight lifter!  She attempts to really
scare him this time!  Tommy Boy will try to wear out Aussie Amanda as he
punches her abs before the highly anticipated armwrestling match that
Tommy Boy has been preparing for over the past couple months. He is
confident that today will be his day for victory…FIND OUT! Great video for
Ab, Armwrestling, Bicep, and Pec Fans!
** Halloween Thriller**
“Redhead Hunts Aussie Amanda for Armwrestle” is an exhilarating, unpredictable, and Very Unique Strength
Feat Drama!!! The BEST CHEST flexing so far (Hi Def with moving camera and close ups). Jaw dropping,
adrenaline pumping armwrestling with a unique twist (watch to find out). Over 3 minutes of close up moving
camera Hi Def flexing of abs, legs, biceps, back, AND CHEST!
**Halloween Thriller**
“Redhead Hunts Aussie Amanda for Armwrestle”
Aussie Amanda vs Tommy Boy in Fitness Challenge Included!!
9 min 39 sec video - 1.7GB (mov format)
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