Welcome to Brickhouse Bianca's Page!
Hi I'm Bianca and to say that I'm as strong as a Brickhouse is an
understatement.  Most girls can curl 10 pound dumbells  - I can curl 180
pound Men!!  And in armwrestling no man can even budge my arm in a match
if I don't want him to.  Think I'm kidding? Just wait till you see my videos, your
jaw will hit the floor in awe!!  You will simply worship my strength!!
Bianca's Mixed
Armwrestling Video 1
Bianca's Lift and
Carry Video 1
6 min 6 sec Armwrestling Video 1
6 min 36 sec Lift and Carry Video 1
Bianca's Flexing Video 1
4 minute Flexing Video 1
Bianca's Video Package 1
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