Welcome to Cathryn's Page!
Hi, I'm Cathryn. I'm a gymnast and acrobat. The Webmaster discovered me while I
was working out in the park. Guess it's not every day that you find a fit girl swinging
by her feet and doing gymnastics on the workout bars. I'm proud of my physique
and strength and I'm glad to show that girls can be strong, sexy and fit. Guess it
helps that I used to arm-wrestle the guys in school.  I had no doubt that I would pass
the tryout and I hope to make many videos for my fans.
NEW! - Cathryn's Mini-Tryout Video
The Webmaster discovered Cathryn while she was keeping fit working out in the park. Her physique, flexibility and level of
fitness peaked his interest. After Cathryn showed off some of her fitness moves on the workout bar and that her ABS can
handle the punch test, he invited her to a mini tryout to be on the site. Watch as they ARMWRESTLE.....right and left handed. (of
course....the webmaster cheats as soon as he realizes he's gotten himself into more than he can handle)  Cathyrn proves that
her biceps are strong and fit. She passes the BICEP PULLDOWN challenge like a pro.  She even enjoys bouncing her biceps (a
talent the webmaster helped her discover) and she has fun putting him down during the match. The webmaster tests her
LIFTING abilities and discovers she can lift him piggy-back style, cradle, back-to-back, over the shoulder and fireman's.
Cathryn is excited to prove that she can pass any test the webmaster brings upon her. She's glad to learn she's perfect for
the site as the webmaster invites her back to do more videos in the future. Watch this video and you'll be just as amazed as
the webmaster was as he discovered this beautiful woman's strength and level of fitness.
17 minute Video
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