Welcome to Chelsea's Page!
Hi I'm Champion Chelsea!  Don't be fooled by my petite and curvy figure. I'm strong
and extremely toned, especially my legs and calves.  I'm only 5 ft and weigh under
100 pounds but I have made many men submit to my power and strength as you'll
see in my videos.  I love teasing and showing off for you guys and I hope you all will
want to see more of me.   
Chelsea's Mixed
Armwrestling Video 1
Chelsea's Head Scissor Video 1
Chelsea is admiring her muscles in the park
when she gets challenged by an onlooker to an
armwrestling match.  Not one to back down,
Chelses proves to him  who the stronger sex is.
2 words to describe Chelsea's Legs - SEXY and STRONG!  
Watch as she taunts and Head Scissors a guy into a Dreamland!
7 minute Scissor Video 1
6 min 50 sec Armwrestling Video 1
Chelsea's Mixed Armwrestling Video 3
Lexi/Chelsea Abs Punching Contest 1
In this 11 minute video, Champion Chelsea agrees to a rematch with the wimpy guy she beat the first time (he says he's
been working out).  Chelsea at first plays with his mind by letting him win before she gets serious.  After taking care of
business, Chelsea decides its time to lay out and sun her sexy body.  Shocked and humiliated, the wimpy loser approaches
her again and begs to armwrestle her one more time on her beach towel. Chelsea, not one to back down from a challenge,
then administers the ultimate humiliation beating him lying down in her bikini bottom and heels!
A 100% real Abs punching contest between Chelsea and Lexi
to see who has the stronger Abs!
11 min 45 sec Lexi/Chelsea Abs Contest Video 1
11 minute Armwrestling Video 3
Chelsea's Mixed
Armwrestling Video 2
Chelsea's Flexing
Video 1
There's nothing Chelsea loves more than to
show off her Legs and Biceps in for all to see.
 Watch her flex and flirt with the camera as
she muscle teases you. Very Sexy.
The wimp from the first match brings his
large friend for a revenge match. Wont say
how this hard-fought contest ends but the
loser kisses the winners foot!!
6 min 41 sec Flexing Video 1
6 minute Armwrestling Video 2
Chelsea's Leg Tease Video 1
Lexi and Chelsea Video 1
Chelsea, so proud of her muscular strong legs teases
you first with some leg flexing before she lifts and
presses a man with her sexy legs.
In their first video together, Lexi and Chelsea arm wrestle each
other, Lexi lifts and carries Chelsea, and they both flex and
admire each other's physique. - Very Hot!
7 min 30 sec Lexi/Chelsea  Video 1
3 min 39 sec Leg Tease Video 1
Chelsea's Flexing Video 2
Chelsea Workout Video 1
Chelsea is very proud of the fact her biceps have gotten
a bit bigger since her last video as she teases you with
her body  in  her latest flexing and posing video
Very Sexy workout video of Chelsea doing curls, jumping
jacks, pushups, stretches, and more.  And of course a lot of
sexy attitude as only Chelsea can do.
6 minute Flexing Video 2
7 minute Workout Video 1
Chelsea's Abs Video 1
Chelsea knows you like it all but this video is all about her showing
off her sexy shapely abs.  There's crunches, poses, and even a
few punches taken in a video designed to tease and please.
6 minute Abs Video 1
Chelsea's Video Package 1
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Chelsea's Video Package 2
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