Welcome to the Page of Chloe the Cutie!
Hi, I'm Chloe and I've always been an athletic and strong girl, but just
recently I realized how big my biceps have gotten when I flex and how
it seems to drive many guys wild!  Now I impress myself a lot by just
twisting my arms and popping my biceps in the mirror and thinking
how cool that is.  But believe it or not it is actually my legs that is my  
strongest feature.  I hope you guys like me and want to see more!
Chloe's Tryout Video
(Armwrestling, Bicep Flexing, and Leg Press)
Chloe's Bicep Flexing
Video in HQ!
4 min 46 sec Flexing Video in HQ
22 minute 37 Sec Tryout Video
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After doing her work out in a hotel gym, the webmaster asks Chloe to flex to see if she could
could be a VT model.  Shocked by the bicep he saw there was really no need for this cutie to
go through a full tryout.  However Chloe did agree to armwrestle to really show that she was
indeed very strong too.  Chloe, also leg pressed the webmaster a few times to show off the
power of her legs which she is also very proud of.  
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