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Hi, I'm Baby Diesel.  Thats what my friends call me. I may look all sweet and innocent but
don't mess with me and don't be fooled by my smile as I can tear you limb from limb.  My
martial arts background has made me physically and mentally very strong.  I love the
way my arms have developed especially my biceps and shoulders.
You will definitely love my videos!!
Diesel's Armwrestling Video 1
Diesel's Armwrestling Video 2
As she's working out, Baby Diesel is
challenged to a  match by a man who
questions her strength.  For a girl so cute, she
turns out to be shockingly strong!
The wimpy loser from the first
match brings back his uncle to give
Diesel a bit more competition.
6 minute Armwrestling Video
6 minute Armwrestling Video
Diesel's Lift/Carry Video 1
Diesel's Bicep Flexing Video 1
Diesel is very proud of her strong toned
arms in her first bicep flexing video.  She
has it all - a cute smile, a petite sexy body
and surprising muscularity.
After Diesel surprises a guy by helping him do a
chin-up, she then really shows him how strong
she is by cradling, piggybacking and leg
pressing him! She is so cute and so strong!!
6 min 30 sec Flexing Video
6 min 15 sec Lift/Carry Video
Diesel's Abs Video 1
Diesel's Webcam Video 1
The smiling cutie is back to
show off her rock hard abs
and to punish a man's fist!
See Diesel answer questions
and flex for her fans in this 19
minute show recorded on
19 minute Video (Note: Webcam Quality)
4 min 30 sec Abs Video
Diesel's's Video Package 1
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