Welcome to Dynamite Doreen Page!
Hi I'm Doreen, and I love my guns, my smokes, and my beer - but most of all I love
showing off my strength and kicking ass!  I enjoy playing around with my boyfriend
as I'm always showing him who the stronger one is in our relationship.  I believe
women like me should respected, worshipped and maybe even a little feared!
Enjoy my video as I'm sure you'll be amazed by what I can to do and it will leave you
begging to be with a woman like me!
Doreen's Everything Video 1
Flexing, Abs Punching, Scissoring, Armwrestling, and Lifts/Carries are just some of the highlights in this over 23 minute video.  You will
see Doreen FLEXING and getting her muscles worshipped by her boyfriend. You will see Doreen getting her ABS punched by both her
boyfriend and the cameraman.  You will see an angry Doreen leg SCISSORING her cheating boyfriend into submission. You will see
Doreen beat her boyfriend's mother in ARMWRESTLING, then beat her boyfriend, then beat the cameraman, and then beat BOTH the
cameraman and the boyfriend AT THE SAME TIME.  You will then see Doreen do various LIFTS/CARRIES with her boyfriend - piggybacks,
cradles, over-the-shoulder up stairs, and a first ever shoulder ride!!  Truly a unique and AMAZING video!!
23 minute Video (146MB)
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