Welcome to Elaine the Enforcer's Page
Hi, my name is Elaine and I never thought I'd be on a website like this until some
skinny geek walked into my gym while I was working out and started to film me.  I
realized I had two choices - one was just to kick his butt right then and there and
the second was to play along with him.  Well, I'm glad I held back, cause now I'm
actually getting paid to kick his butt on his wimpy website!   
Gym Encounter with Elaine
The wimpy webmaster walks into a hardcore fitness gym in South Florida trying to recruit models for VideoTeasing.  A hot blonde
fitness girl named Elaine catches him taping and decides to play it up for his camera at the same time teaching the wimp a lesson or
two about working out.  Lots of Flexing and Strength comparisons between Elaine and the wimpy webmaster.
12 minute Gym Encounter with Elaine
Elaine's Armwrestling Video 1
(with Tug of War, Game of Mercy, and more!)
Elaine, a bit surprised to see the that the webmaster come back into her gym for
more challenges, decides to take him on in Armwrestling, Tug of War, Mercy, and more. It's hard to
say which is more humiliating for the wimpy webmaster - being physically dominated by Elaine or the
verbal abuse he takes from this Trash Talking beauty
15 minute Armwrestling Video 1
Elaine's Video Package 1
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