Welcome to Electric Elena's Page!
Hi I'm Elena and I am Strong Sexy and Athletic Russian model who
enjoys beating weak American men.  I love showing my strength
superiority as you will see in my videos.  My arms are very strong but
I really impress people with the strength of  my perfectly shaped legs
and totally flat hard abs. Please buy my videos and I will make more.   
Thank you!
Elena's Abs Video 1
This video is all about Elena's beautiful
Abs as she works them out on her
kitchen floor and then challenges weak
American man to punch them
5 min 30 sec Abs Video 1
Elena's Flexing/Posing Video 1
Elena's Armwrestling Video 1
In this video, you will see Russian
Supermodel Elena do lots of bicep flexing
and posing where she will be showing off
her beauty and flexibility. She is simply
breathtaking to look at!
See Strong and Shapely Russian
woman Elena taunt and defeat a weak
American man in a mixed armwrestling
7 minute Flexing/Posing Video 1
6 min 30 sec Armwrestling Video 1
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Elena's Video Package 1
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