Welcome to Flexible Felicity's Page!
Hi, my name is Felicity and I just moved to New York from Austria where I am a
dancer.  I may not be as muscular as some of the other girls on this site but I
think you will agree that I am the most flexible girl you have ever seen.  I also
have very strong legs and abs.  I hope you enjoy my video as I would like to
do more in the future.
Felicity's Flexibility Video 1
Felicity is back to show off more of her tight toned
and flexible physique.
12 min 30 sec Flexibility Video 1
Felicity's Audition Video
Felicity shows her incredible flexibility in her audition video as
she bends her fit and toned body into some amazing
8 min 30 sec Flexing/Audition Video
Felicity's Video Package 1
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