Welcome to Iron Isis's Page!
Hi I'm Isis and yes I am made of Iron as you will see from my video.  My problem is that
sometimes I don't know my own strength and I can easily hurt someone real bad if I'm not
careful.  Every part of my physique is solid ranging from my Abs of Steel, to my Hard Peaked
Biceps, to my Killer Quads.  I love to work out, in fact thats how I got discovered for this site.
The webmaster knew I was in good shape but I don't even think he realized how strong I was
until we started shooting!
Iron Isis's Everything Video 1
The webmaster catches a Hot Muscle Babe working out doing her Pullups, Pushups and Situps at the Park and
explains to her what she has to do to be on VideoTeasing.  This Iron Goddess says "no problem"  and that she's more
than up for the task which includes  Armwrestling, Lift/Carry, Abs Punching, Scissoring, Flexing and Posing, and more
in a 30 minute video.  By the end,  this rock-solid superwoman really starts enjoying dishing out some serious
punishment and humiliation to our wimpy friend with a knockout scissor at the end!
29 min 20 sec Everything Video 1
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