Welcome to Impressive Ivey's Page!
Hi, I'm Ivey and I'm just a regular gal who eats right, exercises every day, and
believes that a motivated woman can achieve anything she wants in life.  Getting
on this site is an accomplishment I am really proud of.  I now realize that I am
strong both physically and mentally and I really like it!
Ivey's Tryout Video
The webmaster meets a very sweet woman namd Ivey at the park, and although a little skeptical she would be strong
enough to be one of the VideoTeasing girls, he gives her a tryout for her to prove her strength.  Boy was he surprised!
Armwrestling, Lifts and Carries, Tug of War, Game of Mercy - Ivey passed all the tests with flying colors.  And by the end
of the video, beaming with newly found confidence, she even learned to make her biceps "pop" when she was flexing!!
25 minute Tryout Video
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