Welcome to Superwoman Lee's Page!
Hi, my name is Lee and I think the best way to describe me is a "Sexy
Tomboy".  I love being in shorts and sneakers and getting sweaty with
the guys on the basketball court but at the same time love turning
heads on the dance floor in heels and a skirt.  As a former gymnast, I
am very strong and my guy friends are always shocked when I
sometimes flex for fun in front of them! I think I'm gonna be PERFECT
for this site!
Lee's Tryout Video
(Armwrestling, Abs Punching, Lift and Carries, Flexing and more)
Lee, a very fit and attractive blonde girl catches the webmaster's eye on the basketball court.  One thing leads to
another and she takes the Webmaster's ARMWRESTLING challenge.  First, looking like it is a competitive match, it
doesn't take our wimpy friend long to realize that he was being toyed with by this beautiful athlete. Lee then proceeds
to show off her rock solid physique and strength by taking some very hard punches to the Abs and then hoisting
wimpy high up in the air on her back and shoulders.  To top it all off she gets her high heels out of the car to do some
very hot bicep flexing and posing.  Lee is one very sexy tomboy with a real fun personality!
24 minute Tryout Video
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