Welcome to Luscious Lexi's Page!
Hi I'm Lexi and I am Sexy , Strong and extremely Confident.  All men worship
me cause they know that if they don't I will crush them physically and
humiliate their frail little egos.  But as long as you stay in line and respect my
power I will treat you like my nice little puppy and  allow you to look at my
body without punishment.  From my long muscular legs to my rock-hard abs
to my incredibly strong arms, you will see why I am the ultimate woman!
Lexi's Game of Mercy Video
Lexi has the wimpy webmaster begging
for mercy as she once again shows her
superior strength domination as they
play the old schoolyard game!
4 min 13 sec Game of Mercy Video
Lexi's Ultimate Video 1
See Lexi Piggyback a guy while taking hard punches to the Abs from another AT THE SAME TIME!!
See Lexi Scissor a guy with her Legs while beating another Armwrestling AT THE SAME TIME!!
8 minute Ultimate Video 1
Lexi Lift/Carry Video 1
Lexi and Chelsea Video 1
With Piggybacks, Cradles and Over
the Shoulder carries, Lexi leaves no
doubt as to who is in charge of this
In their first video together, Lexi and Chelsea arm
wrestle each other, Lexi lifts and carries
Chelsea, and they both flex and admire each
other's physique. - Very Hot!
5 minute Lexi Lift/Carry  Video 1
7 min 30 sec Lexi/Chelsea Video 1
Lexi's Wrestling Video 1
Lexi's Abs Workout and Punching Video
It's all about Lexi's Abs in this video.  
She shows you how she works them
out in preparation to take punches
from 2 guys. Her abs are so solid she
just laughs off their punches!
Lexi manhandles her cheating
boyfriend showing him who the
stronger sex is.  First, she knocks
him out with a sleeper hold and then
applies her deadly leg scissors.
5 min 15 sec Abs Video 1
7 min 25 sec Wrestling Video 1
Lexi and Monique Lift/Carry Armwrestling Video
See these two women compete against each other in tests of strength.  First in Armwrestling, then
they take turns lifting and carrying each other to see who the stronger one is.
7 min 20 sec Lexi/Monique Lift/Carry Armwrestling Video
Lexi's Flexing Video 1
Lexi/Chelsea Abs Punching Contest 1
Lexi flexes and poses with a very sexy
confidence.  She really enjoys teasing
guys with luscious body built for worship.
A 100% real Abs punching contest
between Chelsea and Lexi to see
who has the stronger Abs!
11 min 45 sec Lexi/Chelsea Abs
Contest Video 1
6 min 10 sec Flexing Video 1
Lexi's Armwrestling Video 2
Lexi's Armwrestling Video 1
Lexi's back to armwrestle a stronger
guy than the last one, but the result is
the same.  Lexi really loves crushing
weaker men.
Lexi has a need to show the camera
man just how strong she is.  Not only
does she she beat him, Lexi seems to
really enjoy humiliating the weaker man.
6 min 10 sec Armwrestling Video 1
6 minute Armwrestling  Video 2
Lexi vs Sissy in an Abs Punching
Lexi's Armwrestling Video 3 (2 on 1)
Lexi and Sissy compete against each other to see
who can take the hardest punches to the abs in a
100% REAL and BRUTAL contest.  Absolutely
amazing to see how hard these girls go at it with a
clear winner at the end.
Lexi's back to take on her 2 previous
victims in individual matches and then both
at the same time!  Lexi loves to talk trash
while humiliating BOTH of her opponents!
6 min 30 sec Lexi/Sissy Abs Contest Video 1
7 min 40 sec Armwrestling  Video 3
Lexi's Video Package 1
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Lexi's Video Package 2
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Lexi's Video Package 3
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Some of the classic VideoTeasing videos have been made by Luscious Lexi but find out if she still has
what it takes to be a VideoTeasing girl after many years of not being on the site. The webmaster runs
into  Lexi again at a modeling convention and gives her a quick strength re-certification tryout right
there in the lobby!  WELCOME BACK LEXI!!!
Lexi's Re-certification Video
(Armwrestling, Lift/Carry, Abs Punching, Mercy!)
10 minute video
Link to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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12 min 27 sec Lift and Carry Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
NEW! - Lexi, JenC, and Ice's Lift Carry Video
The Webmaster runs into Jen Capone and Luscious Lexi along with newly found Mistress Ice at a trade show. Jen Capone looks
better than ever and Lexi is proud to show off her new ďassetsĒ. The three girls have a blast lifting and carrying each other while
showing off their strength and sexy appearance. The girls take turns lifting Wimpy until he begs to be put down!  Wimpy may have
had enough but the girls had a lot more energy to burn. They were having so much fun admiring each otherís figure while doing lifts
including piggy back and cradle with some playful spanking mixed in. Watch as the girls participate in a pose off for the best flex.
Donít miss out on this sexy VT muscle girl reunion as there wonít be another one until next year!!
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