Welcome to Lipstick Lola's Page!
My name is Lola and please don't be fooled by my girlie looks.  Yes, I like
makeup, lipstick, perfume and all those other girlie things - but the thing I love
the most is to physically overpower men and yes I am strong enough to do it!
Just ask my boyfriend!!  Whether its armwrestling, lifting and carrying, tug o war
or a game of mercy - you name it, I can beat my boyfriend in it - while the whole
time looking hot doing it!!  I know you'll enjoy my videos.
Lola's Bikini Posing Video
Lola's Everything Video
(with special Bikini Posing Bonus!)
Lola shows off and confidently talks about her
magnificent body in this special Bikini Posing Video.
The webmaster spends the day with Lola to see if she has what it takes to be on the site.
The answer is definitely YES after he sees her lifting, carrying and leg pressing her boyfriend,
beating him in a Tug of War and Game of Mercy and easily defeating him in Armwrestling.  The
webmaster then took his turn against Lola in Armwrestling which really convinced him she is
more than just a pretty face with a hot body!  Video ends with a 2 against 1 armwrestling match!
4 minute Posing Video
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23 min 30 sec Everything Video
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