Welcome to Luciana Lightning's Page!
My name is Luciana and I am a  Bodybuilder with extraordinary physical power.  
I couldn't stop laughing when the webmaster of this site came up to me in the
hotel lobby at a show asking me to prove my strength to him.  I didn't mean to
embarrass  him in front of so many onlookers but then again I had to do
whatever it took to be on his site!  I guess he should just be happy I didn't break
his wimpy little arm.
Luciana's Armwrestling Video 1
The wimpy webmaster challenges a  gorgeous female bodybuilder at a recent show to
armwrestle.  After he pathetically goes down in defeat, a bigger guy in the crowd decides to take
his turn - BIG MISTAKE as both are then humiliated at the same time by this beautiful Superwoman.
6 min 15 sec Armwrestling Video 1
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