Welcome to the page of Maureen
Hi I'm Maureen and I am a quite unusual woman.  Besides being extremely fit
and toned for my age, I have many fetishes that people don't usually
associate with women.  I LOVE to physically dominate weaker men.  I love to
lift men up whether it is on my back or with my legs.  I also love to squeeze
men between my legs and just generally be in control.  I think you'll like all my
videos. I know I really enjoyed making them!
Maureen's Armwrestling Video 1
Maureen's Lift/Carry Video 1
Maureen seems to really enjoy
surprising the webmaster with
her armwrestling strength
especially after he doubts her
Maureen talks about the Lift and Carry
fetish that she has before
demonstrating her 2 favorites - the
Leg Press and the Piggyback
10 min 30 sec Lift/Carry Video 1
8 minute Armwrestling Video 1
Maureen's Scissoring and  Pin Video 1
Maureen's Abs Video 1
Maureen loves to squeeze guys
between her legs and in this video
she has found a willing victim. A lot
of scissoring fun and a nice
schoolboy pin at the end which she
also really enjoys!
Maureen uses her exercise ball for a very
sexy Abs workout but that not enough to
satisfy her.  She then convinces the
cameraman to punch her in the abs to
show how strong they are.
8 min 30 sec Scissor Video 1
8 min 45 sec Abs Video 1
Maureen's Sexy Workout Video 1
Maureen shows how at the age of 45, how
she continues to keep her amazingly tight
figure while looking incredibly hot while she
flexes and works out
6 min 15 sec Workout Video 1
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