Welcome to "MegaMuscles" Melissa's Page!
Hi, I'm Melissa and I'm a  girl who doesn't take crap from
anyone.  My physical strength has often been
underestimated by obnoxious guys. So you could
imagine how much I was pissed off when this wimp at
the park told me he didn't think I was strong enough to
be on his website. As you could see, I proved him wrong
cause here I am!!
Melissa's Lift/Carry Video 1
Melissa's Abs Punching Video 1
Melissa has the 180 pound webmaster begging to be put
down as she proves she can lift and carry him every way
imaginable.  Leg presses,regular and reverse piggybacks,
cradles, over the shoulders, and fireman's carry!
First Melissa shows us how she works out her
sexy strong abs before showing how tough a
girl she really is by taking some pretty hard
punches and not even flinching!
11 min 25 sec Lift/Carry Video
6 min 30 sec Abs Video
Melissa's Mixed Armwrestling Video 1
Melissa's Mercy Video 1
Melissa is a confident hot babe with a bit of an
attitude.  See her take on the webmaster in a
humiliating grip of "Mercy" game to determine the
nickname she will have on the site.  Who do you
think will say "Mercy" first?
Melissa takes on the wimpy webmaster in a
few different regular and handicapped
matches in an effort to prove to him that she
is actually strong enough to be on his
website.  She's a great trash talker who  
really enjoys playing with his mind.
5 min 20 sec Mercy Video
12 minute Armwrestling Video
Melissa's Video Package 1
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