Welcome to Magical Meredith's Page!
Hi, my name is Meredith, I'm 32,  5'9" 131 lbs., and my body is what you'd expect a
 yoga enthusiasts body to look like - Fit, Toned, and Hard! I have solid biceps,
abs, and some great calf definition that I love showing off!  Hopefully you guys
will appreciate the work I put into my body and will want to see more.
Meredith's Flexing/ Audition Video
As Meredith goes back and forth between showing off her legs, biceps, and abs - the only problem the viewer may have
is deciding which is her fittest and sexiest feature.  You can tell she really enjoyed showing off her perfectly toned
physique in an audition video that will leave you anxiously awaiting her next one!
11 min 30 sec Flexing/Audition Video
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