Welcome to Muscles Mikaela's Page!
Hi, I am Mikaela and I love to show off how strong I am to unsuspecting
guys.  Whether its popping a bicep out of nowhere, beating a man in
arm wrestling, or lifting someone up in the air, its always fun to see the
expression on people's faces when they realize that a girl who looks
like me can actually be stronger than them. I hope you guys enjoy my
videos as much as I enjoy doing them!
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Mikaela's Flexing/Workout Video 1
Mikaela's Armwrestling Video 1
Watch Mikaela proudly flex those muscles as
she works out in her home gym.
See Mikaela beat a man over and over again in Armwrestling
before he  finally admits  who the stronger person is.
4 min 20 sec Flex/Workout Video 1
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Armwrestling Video 1
6 min 20 sec Armwrestling Video 1
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