Welcome to Molly Anderson's Page!
Hi, I'm Molly Anderson, just a strong petite country girl from Alabama who can
lift twice my weight in hay, hogs, and humans!  Working on the farm made me
real strong which paid off big time for me as I attracted the webmaster's eye  at
the park where he offered me a tryout for his site.  Webmaster thought I was
just a beauty queen but he soon found out dynamite comes in small packages
as was quickly being dominated by my surprising strength!
16 minute BTS and Additional Footage
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Molly's Behind The Scenes and Additional Footage Video
35 minute Tryout Video
Link to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Molly's Tryout Video
(Flexing, Armwrestling, Lift/Carry, Bicep Pull-down, Mercy, Head/Body Scissoring, Abs Punching, and more!)
It is rare to see a girl so petite (only 5 feet tall) yet so easily able to LIFT AND CARRY a much taller and
much heavier man.  The strength in this country girl's legs is incredible as she applied some brutal
squeezes to Wimpy's body and head.  But besides her amazing leg strength, you will see what she does
to poor Wimpy in ARMWRESTLING, GAME OF MERCY, and TUG OF WAR!  The humiliation wimpy
experienced at the hands of this petite beauty was very embarrassing. She just smiled and flexed while
wimpy gave it his best shot in ABS PUNCHING and BICEP PULL-DOWN!
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Go behind the scenes of Molly's Tryout and see how the Webmaster prepares her for the Abs,
Scissoring, and Lift/Carry portions of the video in attempt to gage Molly's actual strength!! Also
there is additional footage of Molly and Wimpy having a curling contest, of Molly squeezing a
scale with her legs to get a specific measurement of how strong her legs are (one of the most
impressive recorded squeezes ever!, and of Molly doing handstand pushups!
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