Welcome to Knockout Natasha's Page!
Hi, my name is Natasha and until recently I've always been pretty shy about
showing off my secret passions.  Some of the things I love include posing in front
of the mirror and lifting and carrying my roommates.  When people underestimate
my strength,  it gives me even more motivation to get even stronger.
Natasha's Armwrestling
Video 1
Natasha's Flexing / Interview
Video 1
Natasha' quiet confidence comes through as she turns out to be
so much stronger than the webmaster ever imagined as she
easily shows her strength dominance over him in armwrestling.
See Natasha talk about herself and watch as her confidence
grows during this part flexing, part interview video. She even
gets into filming herself flexing and posing in front of her mirror
7 min 20 sec Flexing  Video 1
10 min 45 sec Armwrestling Video 1
Natasha's Video Package 1
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