Welcome to the page of Patty Peaks!
I'm Nicely muscled and totally tight.
I'm a middle-aged babe here to delight!
from my head to my toes,
my muscles ebb and  flow.
so tune in for a treat and stay for the show!
Patty's Bicep Video w/Armwrestling!
Patty proves to love her biceps almost as much as we do as she kisses, licks,
touches, rubs and looks admiringly at them and even lets a lucky cameraman
touch them.  The video ends with a 5 minute armwrestling segment where she
thoroughly destroys (both physically and verbally) a weak man in the park.
16 minute Bicep Fantasy Video 1
Patty's Legs Video 1
Patty not only loves showing off how shapely her legs and calves are, but she may have went a
little too far in showing off their strength as she squeezed an obnoxious jerk at the park to the
point of unconsciousness!
11 min 30 sec Legs Video 1
Patty's Bicep Flexing Video 1
Patty's Armwrestling Video 1
Patty seems to take real pleasure in toying and taunting an "old
man" before mercilessly beating him over and over in Armwrestling
Patty first oils up her legs and arms before she seductively flexes
and  teases you with her massive biceps in a tight short sleeve shirt
5 min 30 sec Armwrestling Video 1
8 min 40 sec Flexing Video 1
Patty's Crush and Squeeze Video 1
Patty unleashes her inner anger as she uses her powerful  hands and biceps
to crush and squueze bottles, cans, fruits and even an "old man's" head!
9 minute Crush and Squeeze Video 1
Patty's Leg Scissor and Squeeze Video 1
Those of you who have seen Patty's youtube vids, know how muscular her legs are but now Patty shows the strength of her
legs by first squeezing a basketball and a volleyball between them.  But she knows what you really want to see so she gets a
volunteer and administers some devastating head scissors and body scissors while verbally taunting the poor guy!
12 minute Leg Scissor Video
Patty's Ultimate Muscle and Strength Video 1
Patty is at the park relaxing and reading her book on butterflies, when a guy tries bullying her into giving up her picnic table.  What
follows is 26 minutes of an amazing display of female muscle and strength domination as Patty is not one to back down from anyone!
Highlights of this video include a MIXED ARMWRESTLING match, LEG PRESSES, a TUG of WAR, a GAME OF MERCY, a quick PIGGYBACK,
and once Patty's physical superiority is proven, she does a very sexy flexing and posing routine right in front of the defeated loser!
26 minute Ultimate Muscle and Strength Video
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Patty's Whipped Cream Video
Patty's Bicep Inspection Video
Patty knows how sweet her biceps are, but she figured
why not make them a little sweeter with some whipped
cream! See her lick them clean as only Patty can do!!
The VideoTeasing Bicep Inspector comes down to the park to
make sure that Patty's biceps are the real deal before she is
allowed to flex again. Her biceps are analyzed very closely and
from all angles!  Will she pass the test?
5 min 45 sec Bicep Inspection & Flexing Video
6 min 30 sec Whipped Cream Video
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Patty's Video Package 1
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Patty's Armwrestling Fantasy Video!
7 minute Video
In this very unique video, shot from the camera perspective of the viewer, Patty
armwrestles and taunts YOU the viewer as YOU feebly and pathetically struggle
against her superior strength while she is belittling YOU as only Patty can do!
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Patty's Video Package 1
Get all 8 videos below for $29.95
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Patty's Bicep Worship Video
In this great worship fantasy video, Patty allows you to touch, feel and
caress her bulging peaked biceps as she flexes and admires them.
11 min 30 sec Bicep Worship Video
Patty's Leg Tease and Squeeze Video
Patty is looking for something or somebody to squeeze with her
massively powerful and shapely legs.  She plays a little golf and vacuums
while teasing us with her legs before she starts squeezing objects such
as an exercise ball and a stuffed animal, but nothing can satisfy her till
she squeezes a human being unconscious!
15 min 18 sec Leg Tease and Squeeze Video
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Patty's Video Package 2
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NEW! - Patty's MusclePlay Video
with Behind the Scenes Photoshoot Bonus in HD!
11 min 23 sec MusclePlay Video
5 min 44 sec Bonus Photo Shoot video
in HD
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Check out No Mercy Nicole's Lift and Carry Video with Patty Peaks on Nicole's Page
While trying to come up with an idea for Patty's next video, the
Webmaster and his assistant Nicole are in awe of Patty's Muscles
and just spend the next 10 minutes talking about and feeling how
hard Patty's muscles are  from head to toe.  Nicole is just so totally
impressed with Patty's physique, she just can't help admiring and
touching every muscle (quads, calves, biceps,etc.) and Patty just
loves showing off for the both of them.   
Behind the scenes of a
photoshoot with Patty in HD!!