Welcome to Wild Rose Rae's Page!
I am Wild Rose Rae and I love my body and I love my strength.
Not to sound conceited, but I have the most perfect body any
woman can have.  Legs, Chest, Butt, whatever - I got it all
going on!  Lucky for me, my physical strength allows me to
fend off drooling guys who are often unable to control
themselves around me.  I love putting them in their place!
Rae's Armwrestling Video 1
Looking as hot as Wild Rose Rae does, she can
never go to a park and just relax without guys
hitting on her, although this guy leaves in shame
after losing to Rae in Armwrestling
8 minute Armwrestling Video 1
Rae's Lift and Carry Video 1
Rae's Legs Video 1
This Amazon woman loves to show off her
body and her strength in this Lift/Carry
video filled with Piggybacks and Cradles
The longest most perfect legs you've ever seen
and Rae is more than happy to show them off as
the camera follows her around the Park.
6 minute Lift/Carry Video 1
6 minute Legs Video 1
Rae's Video Package 1
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