Welcome to Rocky Rosa's Page!
Hi, I'm Rosa and I really didn't know what to think when some guy came up to
me at Starbucks and complimented me on my biceps.  He said that there
would be a lot of people on his website that would love to see me flex - so I
did To tell you the truth I never realized my biceps were that good until I
started flexing for him.  He seemed to really like what he saw. I hope you all
do too.
Rosa's Intro Video 1
(Flexing and Armwrestling)
Our wimpy and beloved Webmaster, always on the lookout for new VideoTeasing Talent
approaches a girl named Rosa at a coffee shop and gets her to flex her biceps for the
camera.  Liking what he sees, he convinces her to do a whole flexing and posing routine and
follows it up by testing her strength with a quick armwrestling match.  Watch how Rosa's
confidence grows throughout this video.  We hope this will be the first of many more she does.
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