Welcome to Sasha's Page!
Hi I'm Sasha. I'm 5 ft 7in and a solid 135lbs.  I'm an ex college soccer
athlete which accounts for my muscular legs.  For fun, I used to run
with my teammates on my back so the Lift/Carry video I did below was
easy as pie!  I love surprising guys with my strength as you'll see in
my armwrestling video.  But  I am also a total woman as I show off my
attributes in my  posing video.
I know you will enjoy all my videos!
Sasha's Lift and Carry Video 1
piggyback, back piggyback, leg lift
Sasha's Mixed Armwrestling Video 1
5 min 44 sec Lift & Carry Video
6 min 30 sec Armwrestling Video
Sasha's Sexy Posing Video 1
5 min 34 sec Posing Video
Sasha's Video Package 1
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