Welcome to Sizzling Sissy's Page!
Hi I'm Sissy and don't be fooled by my name or by the way I dress
and DON'T underestimate my power.
I am trained in Martial Arts and nothing gives me more pleasure than
kicking some guys ass who doubts my strength.  I've been beating
up guys my whole life just for the fun of it so doing these type of
videos for  is like second nature to me.  
Lexi vs Sissy in an Abs Punching
Contest 1
Sissy's Armwrestling Video 1
Lexi and Sissy compete against each other to see who can
take the hardest punches to the abs in a BRUTAL contest.  
Absolutely amazing to see how hard these girls go at it with a
clear winner at the end.
The webmaster does not take Sissy too
seriously when she applies to be on the
website.  Sissy takes him up on his
armwrestling challenge and to make it a bit
more interesting the webmaster puts some
money on the line.
7 min 45 sec Armwrestling Video
6 min 30 sec Lexi/Sissy Abs Contest Video 1
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving
Sissy's Bicep Flexing/Abs Punching
Sissy's Lift and Carry Video
All Sissy wants to do is watch football and
have a beer when, but first she has to show
the webmaster who's boss in this Lift and
Carry Session video featuring leg presses,
piggybacks and cradles!
First Sissy flexes her biceps and shows
off her physique, then she shows off the
strength of her abs when she challenges
the wimpy cameraman to punch her.  This
is one TOUGH and SEXY woman!
7 minute Lift and Carry Video
6 min 35 sec Bicep Flexing/Abs Punching Video
Sissy's Wrestling Video 1
Still not paid from winning her armwrestling
challenge, Sissy takes matters into her own
hands and gives the webmaster a beating he'll
never forget including bone crushing scissors
and a schoolboy pin.
6 minute Wrestling Video
Sissy's Video Package 1
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