Welcome to the page of Stellar Staci!
Hi, I'm Staci, when I applied to be one of the models on VideoTeasing, I knew
I was going to be one of the stronger girls on the site but even I didn't realize
how much stronger I would be than the webmaster.  I gotta admit I had a lot
of fun dominating him in the various strength contests he set up for me.
Staci's Armwrestling Video 1
(with game of Mercy)
The promise of doubling her pay  for the video
shoot is all the incentive Staci needs to
thoroughly dominate the webmaster in
armwrestling. At the end she even beats him in
a game of mercy and arm tug of war leaving him
thoroughly defeated!
12 minute Armwrestling Video 1
Staci's Lift/Carry Video 1
Staci's Flexing Video 1
Staci hardly realizes that there is a man
on her her back as she squats, runs
and flexes while lifting and carrying.  
She also shows the power of her legs
with a few leg presses
Staci flexes and poses while being
interviewed during this video. Watch as her
confidence grows as she even impresses
herself with her physique.
8 min 20 sec Flexing Video 1
7 min 20 sec Lift/Carry Video 1
Staci's Video Package 1
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