Welcome to Mighty Miss Sunshine's Page!
They call me Mighty Miss Sunshine because I love to show off my strength while
bringing happiness and sunshine into people's lives.  Trying out for VideoTeasing
was not really too hard as I probably could've carried 5 webmasters on my back.
I've been overpowering guys with my strength since I was a little girl so doing it on
video was not much of a problem for me - in fact it was really a lot of fun!
Sunshine's Tryout
Video 1
The webmaster meets Sunshine to give her a tryout for
VideoTeasing.  Sunshine, not realizing her own strength, left
the webmaster dizzy for days after the Lift and Carries she
performed on him.  Armwrestling and the Mercy game were
also ridiculously easy for her  To top it off, she crushed an
apple with one hand!  Needless to say, Sunshine passed her
tryout audition with flying colors.
19 min 30 sec Tryout Video
Sunshine's Lift and Carry
Video 1
After passing her tryout, Sunshine is back meeting the
webmaster at the park to do her first pure Lift and Carry video.  
This fun girl really shows her incredible strength hoisting the
175 pound wimp up in the air in so many different ways -
piggyback, back-to-back piggyback, firemans, over the
shoulder, cradle, leg presses, etc.  She makes it all look so
easy and you can tell she really loves doing it!
15 minute Lift and Carry Video 1
Sunshine's Video Package 1
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