Welcome to Super Suzie's Page
Hi, thank you for visiting my page.  I'm a national level figure/fitness competitor who has
devoted most of my life helping to train others to become physically fit through proper
exercise and weight training.  I normally don't like to show off, but I had to put the
webmaster of this site in his place when he challenged me to an armwrestling match at
a recent fitness convention.  So after I embarrassed him in the hotel lobby, I did a little
flexing and posing routine that left him awestruck.  I don't think he'll  be challenging
any more girls at fitness shows any time soon!!
Suzie's Flexing Video 4
Suzie's Armwrestling Video 3
Now that Suzie's competition season is over, she's
back to lifting heavy and GROWING! and she's happy to
show off her muscular biceps, abs, legs, and entire
ripped body in a brand new flexing video for her fans
who have waited too long since her last one!
Suzie's biceps got bigger and stronger and she is out to give the
wimpy webmaster another humiliating lesson in armwrestling.  
See the extra footage of what happened after the cameras stopped
rolling which will leave no doubt as to her real strength!
10 minute Flexing Video 4
10 minute Armwrestling Video 3
Suzie's Interview Video 1
(with Bicep Flexing)
Suzie's Lift and Carry Video 2
Suzie shows off how much stronger she has gotten recently as
she Lifts, Carries, and SQUATS the webmaster in a variety of ways.
(OTS, Fireman's, Piggyback, Back to Back, Cradle, Front Straddle)
It is almost scary to see how easily she does these lifts!  
The webmaster has the special honor of sitting down with Suzie
for an in-person interview where she talks about her muscles,
strength, and career with a special treat at the end where she
does a Bicep Flexing and Posing routine for her fans  
8 min 20 sec Interview (with Flexing) Video 1
6 min 45 sec Lift/Carry Video 2
Suzie's Abs Video 1
Suzie's Workout Challenge Video 1
Super Suzie shows the amazing exercises she does to get her
abs into the washboard condition that it is.  Of course, the "tough
guy" at the gym feels he has to put his two cents in, but even he
has to be impressed as Suzie lets the "tough guy" drop a heavy
medicine ball on her abs over and over again proving how
indestructible this Superwoman is!!
Super Suzie is showing off her exercise routines when she is interrupted
and challenged by the "tough guy" at the gym to a test of strength
competition which includes dumbell curls and pushups.  Will Suzie be
beat or will the "tough guy" leave in shame after being defeated by a girl?  
Bicep flexing at the end of the video!
5 min 30 sec Abs Video 1
9 min 30 sec Workout Challenge Video 1
Suzie's Webcam Video 2
(All About the Biceps!)
Suzie's Webcam Video 3
(Abs Insanity!)
In a show recorded live, Suzie displays the strength and form of
her out of this world abs.  If you love a six pack on a woman,
then you'll simply adore Suzie's 12 pack!!  Of course, you'll also
be treated to a few bicep flexes as only Suzie can do.
In a show recorded live, Suzie really focuses in on her
magnificent biceps. In this video, you'll see her flex
them, talk about them and even measure them.  You'll
also see her curl some pretty heavy dumbells as she
demonstrates how she pumps them up!
21 minute Video (Note: Webcam Quality)
Over 23 minute Video (Note: Webcam Quality)
Suzie's Flexing Video 1
Suzie's Armwrestling Video 1
Perfectly shaped legs, rock-hard 8-pack abs, and amazingly
peaked bulging out-of-nowhere biceps, highlight this video
as Suzie shows that she is the ultimate combination of
femininity and muscularity!
Suzie humiliates the wimpy webmaster in the hotel
lobby of her fitness convention by first toying with him
in arm wrestling before showing him that he never
really had a chance..
6 min 40 sec Flexing Video 1
5 min 25 sec Armwrestling Video 1
Suzie's Bicep Flexing Video 3
(Bigger and Better!)
Suzie's Webcam Video 1
See Suzie talk to and flex for her fans in
her first cam show recorded live
Suzie's Biceps have gotten Bigger and Stronger since last
time and she's real eager to show them off in a video that
will have your jaw hitting the floor as you admire this
amazing woman's physique and beauty!
22 minute Video (Note: Webcam Quality)
7 min 45 sec Flexing Video 3
Suzie's Abs Video 2
Punching and Kicking!
A Martial Arts expert takes on Suzie's Rock Hard abs in a test of Ab Strength.  
The punches and kicks he delivers would knock out any "normal" human
being.  But then again Super Suzie's physique is anything but "normal"
Suzie's Mercy Video 1
(with Tug of War)
It is almost sad to see how easily the wimpy
webmaster goes down to Super Suzie's superior
strength in a Game of Mercy and in a Tug of War
6 min 10 sec Mercy Video 1
6 minute Abs Video 2
Suzie's Armwrestling Video 2
Suzie's Lift/Carry Video 1
Suzie's Flexing Video 2
The "tough guy" at Suzie's gym underestimates
her strength and makes a BIG mistake
challenging her to an armwrestling match!
Suzie shows the "tough guy" at her gym just
how strong she really is by picking him up,
carrying him around and even squatting him!
This video is all about Suzie's amazingly
peaked and ripped biceps as she proudly
shows them off. Some heavy dumbell curls too!
6 min 37 sec Lift/Carry Video 1
6 min 10 sec Flexing Video 1
8 min 40 sec Armwrestling Video 1
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