Welcome to Teensie Weensie's Page!
Hi, my friends in the gym call me Teensie, cause I used to be little, but as you
can see, my muscles have grown a lot in the past year and my goal now is to
become a national level bodybuilder.  So I had to laugh when the wimpy
webmaster from this site came up to me at the NPC Nationals recently and
asked me if I wanted to arm wrestle.  Did he really think he had a chance?  
Hope I didn't crush his liitle ego (or his arm!)
Teensie's Webcam Video 1
Watch Teensie perform her first webcam
chat show where she  flexes her amazing
biceps and answers questions about
herself and her strength
23 minute Video (Note: Webcam Quality)
Teensie's Armwrestling Video 1
Teensie's Flexing Video 1
See what happens when the webmaster
challenges Teensie to an armwrestling
match in the lobby of the hotel she is
staying at for the Bodybuilding Nationals.
Teensie really loves showing off her
amazing biceps as she is one of the
more muscular women to ever flex
for VideoTeasing.
6 min 25 sec Flexing Video 1
7 min 20 sec Armwrestling Video 1
Teensie's Video Package 1
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