Welcome to the page of Thera Thickness!
Hi I'm Thera Thickness and I know I'm a lot bigger and bustier than most of you
guys are used to seeing but I know you will be amazed by my  strength.  So sit
back and enjoy as Thera Thickness shows you what a real woman is all about!
Thera's Ultimate Armwrestling and Strength Domination Video 1
The webmaster is a bit surprised to see Thera showing up at his door to audition for the website. She then proceeds to
show him that just because she doesn't have the classic model physique, she is still extremely strong and more than
qualified to be on his website.  After she totally dominates him in armwrestling, she lifts and carries him, beats him in a Tug
of War and a Game of Mercy and then finally ends it all with a humiliating and dominating wrestling pin - schoolboy style!
14 minute Armwrestling and Strength Video 1
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