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Tiffany's Bikini Armwrestling Challenge Fantasy Video
(Filmed in Hi-Resolution)
16 minute Bikini Armwrestling Video in Hi-Res
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Tiffany, a seemingly average looking girl when she's all covered up,  issues a bold challenge to the Wimpy Webmaster.  $100 that she can take
him down in arm wrestling.  Thinking this is easy money, the webmaster takes her up on her challenge and beats her the first 3 times in a row in
a best 4 out of 7 challenge.  Tiffany then says that she would like to get into her "special Armwrestling outfit" before the next match.
The webmaster just laughs but little does he know that Tiffany will soon come back transformed into a SEXY BIKINI GODDESS, complete with her
"Double D Secret Weapons".  Shocked and Speechless, Wimpy's brain  turns to mush as he can't take his eyes off her body.  Tiffany could now
beat the webmaster with a pinky if she wanted.  After the armwrestling humiliation is complete Wimpy forks over the $100 and begs Tiffany to
Flex ans Pose for his website.  Before agreeing she first makes him apologize for not thinking she was that hot at the beginning.  She also
humiliates him in a game of mercy and there is also a good Arwrestling POV scene at the end where the viewer sees the match through the eyes
Tiffany's Bikini Posing Video in Hi Res
Tiffany's Tryout Video
(with special Bikini Posing Bonus!)
Tiffany, a professional bikini model, strikes
some very Sexy, Sultry and Seductive
poses as she shows off her amazing body
in this special bonus video!
Tiffany proves that she is more than just a girl with an amazing body as she takes and passes the
official VideoTeasing Tryout and Strength challenges.  After putting the webmaster down in
Armwrestling, she beats him in a game of Mercy, Piggybacks and Leg Presses him, and takes some
hard punches to her gorgeous flat abs.  She even challenged Wimpy to try to pull down her biceps.  
The only one who was straining and exhausted in this video was poor Wimpy!
2 min 35 sec Flexing/Posing Video
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20 minute Tryout Video
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Hi, I'm Tiffany and I'm a 5'5" 115lb professional Bikini Model.  I love to use my
body to my advantage so I thought it would be fun to challenge the Wimpy
Webmaster while I was all covered up and then watch his reaction when I
revealed my "secret weapons".  My plan worked pretty good as I did manage to
get on the site even though I am not the most muscular girl in the world.  My
goal now is to build a little muscle and improve my strength to the point where I
won't even need my "secret weapons" to defeat men in athletic and strength
Tiffany's Bikini Armwrestling Humiliation Video
(with Outtakes)
in Hi Res
10 min 30 sec  Armwrestling Video in Hi-Res
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See Beautiful Bikini Model Tiffany once again distract, humiliate and overpower the Wimpy
Webmaster in Armwrestling.  Included in this video are outtakes that were never intended to
be in the original video but turned out too good to leave out, including one scene where you
could actually hear the Webmaster's Arm crack for real while Tiffany was putting him down!
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Tiffany and Amber's Beauty and Strength Contest
Armwrestling, Lift and Carries and more!
w/Special Hi-Res Bonus Bikini Pose-off!
40 minute Beauty and Strength Contest with 2 minute Bonus Pose-off
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We've all been dreaming about this one!  2 of the hottest VideoTeasing models TOGETHER in ONE VIDEO!!  Amber and
Tiffany compete against each other in some very competitive arm wrestling matches before they decide to have a little
fun when they both get into their bikini and heels and take turns to see who can more easily beat and humiliate the wimpy
webmaster in arm wrestling.  As if that wasn't enough they then go on to test each other strength by lifting and carrying
each other and see who can more easily lift and carry Wimpy.  The Girls go on to admire each others physiques before
armwrestling one last time on the floor!  In an additional special 2 minute hi-res video that will take your breath away,
Tiffany and Amber Flex and Pose for you standing right next to each other!
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