Welcome to Tempting Tonya's Page!
Hi, I'm Tonya and I'm all your All-American Sweet Californian blonde.  I
exercise on the beach every day to keep my body in shape and I recently
have started a strength program to add muscle which I hope to document
through these videos.  So let me know what you like and keep checking
back as I hope to make many more fun and sexy videos.
Tonya's Armwrestling Video 2
Tonya sends "Big Tony" back to New York in shame
after she humilates him in Armwrestling at the park
5 minute Armwrestling Video 2
Tonya's Armwrestling Video 1
Tonya's Flexing Video 1
Tonya wants you to see something
very important to her in this video -  her
sexy all-american athletic physique.
Tonya is usually a very pleasant girl, but her
competitiveness shows through when
challenged by a guy in armwrestling
6 min 10 sec Flexing Video 1
6 min 15 sec Armwrestling Video 1
Tonya's Video Package 1
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