Welcome to Titanic Tracey's Page!
Hi I'm Tracey and I'm 5'2" 110lbs -  50 year old mother of 4 who can still turn
heads of guys 18 to 80.  I've always been a pretty strong lady as you will see in
some of my videos.  I just started working out again as I'd like to get a bit more
Tracey's Armwrestling Video 1
Tracey's Scissor Video 1
Can Hot Mom Tracey beat her son's friend in an
armwrestling match? She does have a couple
of enormous secret weapons if all else fails!!
First she humiliated her son's friend in
armwrestling, now it's time for Tracey to
show how strong her legs as she scissors
the breath out of him
7 minute Mixed Armwrestling Video
6 min 17 sec Scissor Video
Tracey's Flexing/Curling Video 1
See Tracey working out with 12
pound dumbells in her kitchen
followed by a sexy flexing routine.
7 min 11 sec Flexing Video
Tracey's's Video Package 1
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