"Strong Confident Women showing off their Physique and Strength"
Mighty Trinity's Lift and Carry Movie 2
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! (with English Subtitles)
In this video 'Girls just wanna have fun' with English subtitles, Trinity gets a visit from two girlfriends (120 pounds
each) at her place. After a small talk, Trinity asks her friends if they like to see her strentgh and to be lifted and
carried. Both of her girlfriends are very happy to be lifted, and Trinity, with her amazing strength is playing with
them as if they were mere Barbie dolls. Pure 30 minutes of lift and carry fun, with amazing moments of Trinity
carrying each girlfriend and both of them together!!!! Over head, under the armpits, and many other lifts
29 Minute Lift and Carry Movie 2
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Mighty Trinity's Lift and Carry Movie 1
Featuring the Mighty Trinity in 6 separate Incredible Lift/Carry Scenarios
SCENE 1: Trinity's date discovers how tall and strong she is, and also gets to be lifted and carried by her, and sit on her lap on their romantic dinner.

SCENE 2: Someone takes Trinity's parking place and she makes him understand that he made a big mistake by doing this by dishing out the punishment of Lift
and Carry

SCENE 3:  Trinity punishes her boyfriend for not listening to her just because he wanted to see a soccer game.

SCENE 4: Trinity sees someone in the middle of the street that doesn't feel well and passes out, so she lifts and carries him to her car (which is 7 minutes away
from her by walk) in order to bring him to the hospital.

SCENE 5: This is an amazing scene where Trinity is really playing with her neighbor guy Eric,  by carrying him so easily. Trinity gets on her really high heels, and
cradle carries Eric around her apartment. . Afterwards she lifts him just for fun in some new ways.

SCENE 6: Trinity makes chicken with noodles with one hand only because she is holding her boyfriend with the other hand while she is cooking - Bon Apettite!
38 Minute Lift and Carry Movie 1
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Mighty Trinity's Lift and Carry Video 1
LIft and Carries in every possible way!!
Mighty Trinity easily lifts a guy in every possible way: Bear hug, on the side, on the
shoulder, cradle, piggy back, firemans, airplane lifts, back breaker, squats, and
climbing up the stairs. The strength of this beauty is simply mind boggling and we at
VideoTeasing are truly honored to have her do these videos for us!
10 min 53 sec Lift and Carry Video 1
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Mighty Trinity's Audition Video
with 1 minute Lift/Carry Bonus
When we received this video from this exotic beauty calling herself "the Mighty Trinity", we were captivated by her
confidence as she talked about her power and physique.  We could tell she loved to flex and feel her rock-hard
biceps while talking about their strength.  But to truly convince us that she was indeed a woman of superhuman
strength, she also submitted a one-minute lift and carry workout video that had our jaws hitting the floor!! A truly
remarkable woman with remarkable strength.  We look forward to many more videos from her!
10 min 15 sec Audition Video with 1 minute Lift/Carry Bonus
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Hi, I'm the Mighty Trinity and I've always been a strong confident woman who enjoys
showing offer my physique and strength.  I've worked very hard in the gym so why not be
proud and show it off.  People have always been amazed and entertained by my strength
especially my Lifting abilities and Armwrestling skills.  I may be a woman but I am out to
prove that it doesn't mean I can't still be very strong.  I hope you are entertained by my
videos and I hope that other women can look to me as a role model for inspiration as all
is possible if you set your mind to it!!
Watch how Trinity proves Leon that she can easily clean the
house while he is sitting on her shoulders. afterwards she has
still enough power to show Leon many other ways she can lift
and carry him. Trinity is back - and she is better then ever!!
Trinity shows Rotem how strong she is.
Once Rotem said to Trinity that she doesn't look so strong. Beautiful Trinity
decides to prove Rotem that she is not only beautiful, but also very strong. She
lifts and carries him in several ways: on the shoulders, bearhug, piggyback etc.,
and then she plays with him strength games such as armwrestling, legwrestling
and so on... A MUST VIDEO for woman's strength admirers!!
20 min 20 sec Lift and Carry Video 2
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14 min 35 sec Lift and Carry Video 3
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receiving payment
Trinity's Lift/Carry Video 3
with Strength Games including Armwrestling!!
Trinity's Lift/Carry Video 2
The Lift and Clean!!
16 min 29 sec Lift, Carry, Flexing video
(Very High Quality! 497MB)
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Trinity travels to the Dead Sea with her friend Ahmed. Ahmed wants to see as
much as he can, so he climbs high on Trinity's shoulders, and watches from
above... On their way they meet people that can't believe their eyes - a girl
carries a guy!!! This is a totally authentic part!!! Total strangers, that were not
supposed to participate in this video taking part as they are amazed in  what
they see. Trinity suggests that she lift and carry them too. At first they
disagree because they think Trinity can't do it, but Trinity proves they're
wrong... After this part Trinity and Ahmed continue on their way. Trinity lifts
and carries Ahmed in several ways. In the last part of this video Trinity goes to
the pool and shows off her beautiful muscles. A MUST SEE VIDEO!
Trinity's Dead Sea Video
Lift Carry and Flex
Trinity and Angelika are going out on Saturday night. When they start
their way back home, Angelika falls because of her high heels, and
injures her leg. It's Angelika's luck that she has Trinity as her friend,
cause Trinity just easily lifts her, and carries her home. Although Trinity
is also wearing a very high heels shoes, she carries Angelika all the way
home. Even when they get to the house, Trinity continues to carry
Angelika up the stairs until they get to the apartment, where Trinity takes
care of Angelika's leg. Another great video for lift and carry lovers...
KIND LIFT&CARRY VIDEO! Trinity works out while lifting and
carrying her  friend Angelika during the whole workout!
Trinity does a real workout with real weights, for her arms,
chest and legs, and it looks like Angelika's bodyweight
doesn't bother her at all... DON'T MISS THIS GREAT VIDEO!
Trinity's Video Package 1
Get BOTH videos above for $24.95
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12 min 29 sec video
16 min 38 sec video
Trinity's Lift Carry Workout with Angelika
Trinity's Carries Injured Angelika
Trinity Lifts Two Guys!
Trinity Carries Guy Upstairs!
Trinity lifts her neighbor Eric along with another
guy (David) on her shoulders. David jumps on her
back and she gives him a piggy back ride while
cradling Eric (She carries David on her back and
Eric in her arms at the same time!). Trinity even
attempts the incredible overhead lift!
Mighty Trinity Carries her neighbor Eric 6
floors up and down the stairs just for fun...
When she goes up, she carries him on her
shoulder, and then switches to cradling him
in her arms. She even goes downstairs
carrying him on her side like a baby!
18 minute 26 Sec Video
6 minute 15 Sec Video
Trinity's Video Package 2
Get BOTH videos above for $24.95
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Trinity's Home Workout Flexing Bicep Measuring Video
Join Mighty Trinity for a 25 minute of home workout. See Mighty Trinity working out
in order to keep in good shape and figure to become more powerful. Trinity is
working out in her home and building up her strength to keep lifting heavier guys
and girls.  Trinity shows her muscles to the camera, and measure her biceps!
26 minute Flexing Workout and Bicep measuring video
(Special Price!)
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Trinity and her boyfriend are playing games of lift and carry and feats of strength. They lift and carry each other
and it seems that Trinity lifts her guy with much more ease, than he lifts her... He doesn't understand how can
she do it so easily, and she doesn't understand why it is so hard for him... Besides lift and carry they compare
their hands, and Trinity laughs at her friend cause her hand is almost bigger than his... They also do
armwrestling and other strength games, and Trinity shows her strength superiority  in every way.
25 minute Strength Video
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Trinity's Boyfriend Strength Games Video
Welcome to Fitness Model and Athlete Mighty Trinity's Page!
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Trinity Takes Rotem's House
Wrestle him till he gives up his house!
18 min 28 sec Wrestling video
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Trinity goes over to Rotem's house and likes it very much.  They sit and talk and Rotem brags about how he is a trained and experienced wrestler.  
Trinity says that she likes to wrestle and would like to wrestle Rotem.  Rotem laughs and says that she is crazy and that she would get hurt if he
wrestled her for her real.  Rotem finally reluctantly agrees but promises to take it easy on Trinity.
The wrestling gradually get more serious and Rotem starts to realize that he is now in a fight for his life.  Trinity totally dominates him - pinning him
and scissoring him into submission over and over and over again.  Not satisfied with simply beating him, Trinity decides that she wants Rotem to sign
over the deed to his house or she will squeeze the life out of him!! The poor guy struggles but doesn't really have a choice!!
****A VideoTeasing Hall of Famer!! ****
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Who Is Wears the Pants in their house?
Real couple in a real fight !!!! This is a very special match between Trinity and her spouse, they just moved in
together to a new house and they need to determine who will be the boss in that house. A very intense and
competitive match is evolving while each one of them giving more than he's got in order to win this encounter and
a lot of ego, pride and emotions are involved here. A unique ending to this unique fight while the winner kiss the
loser while she scissoring him and carrying him on her hands. A must movie for mixed wrestling fans!
18 minute Wrestling Video 1
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Re-Released! - Trinity's Wrestling Video 1
Tough Competitive Match!!
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